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Why is it Important to Hire an Industrial Electrician?

industrial electrician from mes

Do you own an industrial business or building? It is vital to hire an electrician who is qualified and trusted with this specific area! Maintaining the electrics in an industrial environment will not only prevent any faults occurring but will prevent any hazards too. Our electrician Glasgow based team from MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd will […]

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Top 5 Electrician Services

maclaren electrical services electrician repai

Are you looking for a quality electrician repair service? The team at MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd offer many common electrician services! When it comes to commercial and industrial properties, we know that there is a variety of electrical faults that can occur. With the help of an electrician Glasgow based, you can expect for all […]

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Industrial Electrical Inspection Checklist

Has your business just moved building? It is important that you have an industrial electrical inspection carried out! Going through the industrial electrical inspection checklist, you can guarantee our team will leave your new space completely safe! It is so important to hire a qualified electrician to carry out a service like this. The team […]

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Don’t Take Any Short Cuts When it Comes to Electrical Services

Is it proving hard to find electricians right for the job? Don’t give up and take short cuts, find the best steps to find your perfect electrician. Using an industrial electrician you can trust is essential, no matter what business you have. An electrician without the appropriate skills to help you is not worth hiring! […]

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What Does an Industrial Electrician Do?

Wondering what does an industrial electrician do? Our electrician Glasgow based team can provide you with all the answers! Choosing the right electrician can be hard work, so to understand what it is exactly our team do is very beneficial! We will let you know what we can do and what to expect when we […]

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5 Reasons to Carry Out Fire Alarm Maintenance

Why do you need to maintain industrial fire alarm systems? An essential for any building is to have a working fire alarm system. For peace of mind, make sure your workplace is as safe as possible! Frequent check-ups from a qualified, experienced electrician will ensure your workplace is up to date and ready for daily […]

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Who can carry out PAT Testing?

pat test

Who can carry out PAT testing? A question that a lot of our commercial clients ask us! Someone who; Has a high level of knowledge about electricity Is experienced in the electrical industry Knows and understands the particular electrical systems that require the work Is aware of the risks taken when working with electricity and […]

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What Do Industrial Electricians Do?

What do industrial electricians do? There are so many services that MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd offer! If you have a commercial or industrial space and are in need of an electrical service an electrician Glasgow based will be able to help. Our team of electricians will be able to carry out any industrial service to […]

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3 Tips to Ensure that Industrial Electrical Wiring is Safe

commercial electrician wires

Want to ensure that your industrial electrical wiring is safe? In a commercial or industrial environment, it is very important to make sure any wiring carried out is completely safe. To achieve a functioning power structure, wiring needs to be carried out in a precise way! Using a qualified and experienced electrician Glasgow based, your […]

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