Electrician Advice

How to Get Your Business Ready for the New Year

Looking forward to next year? Think about how to reach your businesses’ full potential with the help of an electrician, Glasgow based. This is the ideal time to make electrical improvements, ensure electrical workplace safety and have a fresh start in 2018. MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd can guarantee your business, […]

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Keep Your Workplace Safe This Christmas With an Electrical Inspection

christmas lights

Are you worried about your workplaces’ Christmas electrical safety? An electrical inspection from MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd will ensure that your industrial or commercial environment is safe at this time of year. During the colder months, businesses tend to use more heating. Also, with Christmas comes the fire hazard of […]

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Don’t Take Any Short Cuts When it Comes to Electrical Services

Is it proving hard to find electricians right for the job? Don’t give up and take short cuts, find the best steps to find your perfect electrician. Using an industrial electrician you can trust is essential, no matter what business you have. An electrician without the appropriate skills to help […]

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Who can carry out PAT Testing?

pat test

Who can carry out PAT testing? A question that a lot of our commercial clients ask us! Someone who; Has a high level of knowledge about electricity Is experienced in the electrical industry Knows and understands the particular electrical systems that require the work Is aware of the risks taken […]

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What Do Industrial Electricians Do?

What do industrial electricians do? There are so many services that MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd offer! If you have a commercial or industrial space and are in need of an electrical service an electrician Glasgow based will be able to help. Our team of electricians will be able to carry […]

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