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Commercial Electrician

Are you looking for an exceptional commercial electrician? Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd has been providing commercial electrical services to UK businesses for over a decade. Whether you are looking for a domestic or commercial electrician, our team of highly skilled electricians from Glasgow ensure the job is completed to the highest standard, no matter the size or scope of the work.

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“I want to thank you for your recent work for me in Johnstone and Glasgow. Your team of electricians are all very professional. They know their stuff and they are easy to deal with. Fitting the various jobs in has not been straight forwards at times for you, but you have always remained calm and have worked flexibly to get the job finished to the deadline.

I have no hesitation in continuing to recommend Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd as a high quality company.” – Michelle McLaren Property

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We also carry out electrical system design and electrical consultancy –  there’s virtually nothing out of remit.

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We have a varied range of commercial clients which helps keep us up to date with ever-changing technologies and this allows us to continue to grow as a company.

Our commercial electrician clients include a Global Car Hire company, for whom we installed LED lighting systems, which is one of our most popular services at the moment. These lighting projects can usually stand to offer significant financial savings on commercial and industrial premises. If that’s something you think your company could benefit from now and in the long-term, why not get in touch with us to find out how it works and what we can do for you.


Security & Safety Installations

As well as providing a range of one off services such as LED lighting installation, we are also happy to undertake routine facilities maintenance on an ongoing basis with commercial and industrial businesses across the UK. Our security and safety services include the following;

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Electrical Inspection

To make sure that your electrical installations are safe, our electricians also provide the service of electrical inspections. This includes conducting tests, checking for any fire or shock hazards. Carrying out electrical inspections regularly, there is much more of a reduced risk of any injury.

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Brilliant service and very efficient for office/commercial workspaces. Have used them several times and always deliver a great end result.

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Stephen Cole 6th November 2017


Get in touch with MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd to discuss your commercial electrician requirements

Whether it’s routine maintenance, office upgrades, electrical testing or larger electrical installations you require, contact us today to find out how we can light up your premises. Our commercial electricians projects have a great track record.

UPS Supply & Installation

At Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd we can provide you with a successful UPS installation. Just inform us as to what you need and we will ensure everything is taken care off!   Contact Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd about UPS Supply & Installation   What is a UPS? UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power […]

PAT Testing

PAT Testing in Glasgow Are you concerned about electrical equipment and appliances in your commercial or industrial property? It is absolutely crucial that workplaces comply with the United Kingdom’s Health & Safety legislations. These have been implemented in order to maintain a safe and secure working environment for all employees in the workplace. If the […]

Fire Alarm Installation Service

At Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd, we offer a fire alarm installation and testing service for your commercial or industrial space! We are based in East Kilbride near Glasgow and we are happy to provide our fire alarm installation and testing services across Glasgow and the central belt of Scotland. Contact Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd about […]

Wired and Wireless Security Systems

When it comes to deciding on whether you would like a wired or wireless security installation, there are important things to consider. At Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd, one of our reliable electricians will install a wired or wireless security system. Considering all the needs of your workplace our service is entirely tailored to you. Our […]

Access Control Systems

Access control describes a way of controlling who can pass through a certain area. Typically used in workplace buildings. An access control systems installation is crucial in ensure the safety of your business. Do you own a business? Want to make it more secure? Then an experienced electrician from MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd will be […]
What can a Commerical Electrician do for you? Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd: The UK's Electrical Contractor

Electrical Services

Electrical Services from Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd is a reliable, affordable and efficiently managed electrical contractor. Our electrical services have an incredible rate of on-time delivery and are the reliable choice for your next electrical project. Our electrical services can be provided as a main contractor or as a sub contractor. […]
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Electrical Company

Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd is an electrical company based in East Kilbride, near Glasgow. We offer a wide range of industrial and commercial electrical services across the UK. With over 10 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our high standards and highly skilled work force. There is no job too big or too small […]

Rewiring A Building

Rewiring a building, why? Faulty electrics could be a serious fire hazard or electrocute members of your workforce. It is important to keep the wiring and electronics in your house in a safe and legal condition. Why should I consider rewiring a building There are two main reasons for rewiring a home: Alterations Age If […]

Security Lighting Installation

What is security lighting? Security lighting is a often used solution to assist with preventing intrusions or other criminal activities in and around a property. A security lighting installation aids in the detection of intruders, acts as a deterrence to introducers and generally makes the occupants feel more secure. It also acts as a safety […]

Security & Assistance System Installation

Need a reliable call system for your nursing home? An electrician from MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd can provide a nurse call system installation in no time at all! A nurse call system provides patients and staff with a way of effective communication.  Installing a nurse call system can improve security and assistance! At MacLaren Electrical […]
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Electrical Inspection

All electrical installations become worn over time and can become unsafe and dangerous as a result. Due to this reason, they should be inspected periodically, checking for unsafe or unsatisfactory conditions. At MacLaren, we carry out up to date electrical inspections. Upon completion of an electrical inspection, an Electrical Condition Report (EICR) is issued to […]

How To Find an Electrician in your Area

Ever wondered how to find an electrician in your area? Are you looking for a reliable and experienced electrician? An electrician from MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd can help you with any domestic needs you have. Having been in operation for over 10 years MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd provide an electrician service you can rely on! Taking care […]

Fire Alarm Testing & Installation

Fire Alarm Testing: an important routine A smoke alarm is a cheap way to protect your property from potentially lethal mishaps. Contact Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd about Fire Alarm Testing & Installation   Fire Alarms In The Workplace In the workplace, you must have a fire detection and warning system. You may need different types of […]

CAT 5 Ethernet Cabling

Are you looking for the installation of Ethernet cabling? Our electricians at MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd can install Cat 5 network cabling in a clean and efficient manner. MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd has been in service for over 11 years, a team with many an abundance of experience. Network cabling will be straightforward to install, our electrician will make sure […]

Emergency Lighting

What is Emergency Lighting Emergency light fittings utilise a battery to ensure they have a back up power source. They are light fittings for use during an emergency situation when the main power supply is cut and normal lighting fails. This loss of mains electricity could be the result of a fire or a power […]
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Why choose MES as your Commercial Electrician?

A Commercial electric company can make or break any project. Commercial Electric Company for over a decade! Here at Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd, we pride ourselves on being the best commercial electric company across all our project work. Find out why you should choose us for your next small or large project! Ten years experience […]
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Electrical Installation Design

To reduce the risk of design errors and faults, it is crucial to your ensure electrical services design is up to standard. Are you worried about the electrical design of your industrial or commercial building? An electrician from MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd will be able to help to solve any problems. When it comes to […]
What can a Commerical Electrician do for you? Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd: The UK's Electrical Contractor

Need a PAT Test Certificate?

Want a PAT Test Certificate? At Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd we can guarantee that one of our electricians will be able to carry out a PAT test without a problem. On behalf of JLC Property, I would like to thank Steven MacLaren and his staff at Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd for their help with various […]

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

As an office manager you have many responsibilities. One of them is to keep the electrical safety of the premises maintained. If you do not comply with the laws in place there may well be financial risks or fines. It is essential to retain relevant electrical paperwork for all of the completed electrical installation work. […]

Energy Management

Want to make your business more efficient? Our Glasgow electricians offer a range of services that will help in your energy management! Our industrial and commercial electricians can offer your business an energy MOT! From rewiring to installation of LED lighting, we will work with you to make your company more energy efficient. At MacLaren […]

Building Services Maintenance

You can trust an electrical contractor from MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd. Having provided specialist services to a range of buildings with different needs we understand that your building’s health is essential. Planned building services maintenance is a way to easily catch any problems with your building early, before they have a chance to develop! Want to make […]
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Mains and Sub Mains Installations

Here at Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd, we will provide an excellent service of mains and sub mains power installation! What’s the difference between mains and sub mains? Mains electricity is the term used to refer to the electrical supply coming from a power station to the household you live in. The current flows in one […]

Electrical Project Management

At MacLaren Electrcial Services Ltd, we have worked with many companies to ensure that their electrical projects are carried out on time and to the best standard possible. Electrical project management is essential for any work we undertake. Our Glasgow electricians are more than qualified to undertake a range of projects! Are you looking for […]
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Electrical Contractor

An Electrical Contractor You Can Trust Tired of using an unreliable electrical contractor? Are you looking for a reliable, professional and knowledgeable team to manage your next commercial or industrial project? Then the best electrical contractor Glasgow based, Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd can help you. Having started out in East Kilbride, near Glasgow, Maclaren Electrical […]
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Small Commercial Electrical Installations

At Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd, we can provide you with a trusted and experienced service. Installing small electrical installations, we will make sure that these are carried out properly and maintained to the highest standard! Commercially we can fit your home or workplace with small electrical installations like circuit cables, fuse boards, socket outlets and […]

Electrical Heating

Does your business need some electrical heating installed? An electrician from Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd will be able to supply this service. Depending on what you are looking for, we will focus on looking at providing the most suitable electric heating installation. At Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd, we prioritise customer satisfaction. Thank you for sorting […]

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