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How To Find an Electrician in your Area

Ever wondered how to find an electrician in your area? Are you looking for a reliable and experienced electrician? An electrician from MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd can help you with any domestic needs you have.

Having been in operation for over 10 years MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd provide an electrician service you can rely on! Taking care of everything from designing and installing new electrical systems to maintaining existing installations, our expert electricians can advise you on any electrical concern you may have.

CCTV Installations

At MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd, we can successfully install a CCTV system for your home. Safety is a priority for our electricians, so we make sure that the CCTV installation we carry out is operating and performing correctly. Unsure whether to have a system installed? CCTV offers a safer environment for you and your family. Though CCTV systems are popular in the workplace, considering installing CCTV in your home is a very practical thought. It is the ideal solution if you want to ensure the security of your family and home.

Our electrician’s have years of experience, and will install your CCTV systems to the highest standard. Installing a CCTV system correctly is crucial, as it reduces the chance of any potential problems further down the line.

security camera on house

CCTV provides safety & security for your home!

Rewiring a House

Is your home ageing or in need of alterations? It may be time to seek rewiring advice from a electrician. Considering the rewiring of your house is important if you are renovating it or if it is an older property. This ensures that all wiring is up to date and meets the current safety standards. If you fail to carry out these checks your home may prove to be unsafe, leading to accidents and injuries.

An electrician from MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd can carry out the full inspection and rewiring process for you. Also, installing new cabling, the installation of new light fittings and checking earth bonding is no problem at all for our expert electricians.

new build flats - find an electrician in your area

If you are building a new home, rewiring is essential.


Thank you for helping me out with the installation of a new Power Board at my flat.

Your guy attended on time, carried out his work efficiently and kept me informed of developments throughout the time he was on site.

At Clydesdale we know in the the service business, attitude & communicating effectively with customers is such an important factor in how your company is perceived.

Your staff, I must say we really professional.

I have no hesitation in using your service again and will definitely refer you to my business contacts should the opportunity arise.

Joe Pirret

Security Lighting Installation

Security lighting is a solution for preventing intrusions or other criminal activities. Also, the lighting helps you by acting as a safety device, an outside light is crucial for preventing accident or injury in the dark. A electrician would be able to carry out an expert installation. Ensuring that the lights are electrically sound and also meets all the requirements put in place by the local council.

security light and camera

Installing security lighting ensures your safety and your home’s security.

Small Power Installations

An essential for any home, a small power installation is anything from a socket outlet to a fused connection unit. Also, if you are in the process of building a new home, as well as rewiring, you will need to have small power installations carried out throughout your new property. When you find an electrician in your area with MacLaren Electrical Services you can be sure that you have the best service and any installation is completed safely to the highest standard.

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Small power installations are a crucial installation.

How to Find an Electrician in Your Area

If you are interested in having any domestic or commercial electrical work carried out contact us to get in touch with our expert electricians.

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