11th January 2017

Electrical Safety in Your Business

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Are you looking for help with electrical safety for businesses? An electrical contractor from Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd can guarantee complete electrical safety for your business.


When it comes to any working environment, it is rare that you are not needed to use electrical equipment. There are often hazards that go unnoticed in some businesses. An electrician can make sure you are aware of any dangers to you or your colleagues. Electrical shocks and burns occur from contact with live parts, being injured as a result of exposure to arcing or faulty electrical equipment and explosions caused by unsuitable electrical equipment are all hazards that should all be very apparent.

electrical safety for businesses.

MacLaren Electrical Services improves electrical safety for businesses.

Risk Assessments

As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of your employees. So, you need to make sure the electrical equipment operated is safe. A risk assessment is the best way to ensure there are no possible dangers. The assessment covers who can be harmed by electrical hazards. What the risk level is and how it has been established and the precautions within the business which have been taken to control the risk. Also, you should make sure that the electrical equipment is suitable for its intended use and what conditions it is operated in. Ensuring that it is solely being used for its intended purpose. A risk assessment should be carried out by an experienced and well qualified electrician.

electrical safety for businesses.

A risk assessment can be carried out by to improve electrical safety for businesses.


It is extremely important that all the electrical equipment and installations within your business are maintained. Preventing danger and giving you piece of mind. Users of portable appliances will be able to notice if there is something wrong, e.g damaged wire, plug etc. If you become aware of a situation in which a cable has been repaired with tape or there are burn marks/stains present, repairs will be required. These repairs should be carried out by qualified individuals such as electricians. Also, you should make it a priority to arrange regular inspections and tests for fixed wiring installations. Check out our last post about checking electrical damage on your appliances.

electrical safety for businesses

MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd can help you improve electrical safety for businesses.

Electrical Safety for Businesses

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Steven Maclaren is an electrical expert and has been for the last 10 years, his company Maclaren Electrical Services has worked incredibly hard to build their reputation in the electrical industry. Steven strives to develop and evolve to ensure that he can do the best for the team, the community and the environment.