19th June 2017

Does Your Business Need Industrial Electrical Services?

At MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd, our Glasgow electricians will ensure that any needs you have are met with a quality outcome. With several years of experience, our electricians offer an thorough industrial electrical company service!

Does your business need industrial electrical work?

We have worked with a range of companies in different industries over the years, making for an impressive portfolio! From commercial to industrial projects, we have the know-how. At MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd we want to make sure that the needs of your company are put first!

Access Control Systems

keypad installation a service offered by industrial electrical company

Vital for the security of any building.

For any industrial electrical project, access control is a priority installation. In this modern age, access control is much more difficult than a simple lock and key system. There are a range of methods you can decide to use, from access cards to keypads and fingerprint readers. Deciding on the right system is vital. An industrial electrical company like MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd will make sure that you are content with the installations carried out.

Building Service Maintenance

commercial escalator

Make sure your services are running well.

Another service we offer is the maintenance of your building! For safety purposes it is very important that any electrical installations are taken care of and repaired if necessary. On an industrial scale especially, your building will need regular maintenance. Preventative or problem solving, our electricians understand your electrical needs. Another service we offer for industrial projects is the installation of LED lighting. If you are interested in this, look at our last post to learn more!

Previous projects have been carried out with our best service, without any difficulties!

“Thanks to Steven MacLaren of Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd for fitting led down lighters and security lights to outside of property in Maxwell Avenue. They did a fantastic job and coordinated well with SMJ Trades. Mr & Mrs Petrie were delighted with both the price and the efficiency of the company.”

January 2017

Fire Alarm Installation

fire alarm

Vital for any industrial property, an electrician will make sure it is maintained!

Fire alarm installations, tests and repairs are all another priority of our electricians. As we offer an industrial electrical company service, from our electricians you can expect efficiency and accuracy. And so, when it comes to installing an alarm expect the alarm to be long lasting! However, if there are repairs necessary, one of electricians will be happy to carry out that service for you. Also, your safety is our main focus, so testing the alarm regularly is another priority of ours!

CCTV Installation

cctv camera on building

Another very important electrical installation, make sure your building is safe.

CCTV has so many benefits and is now extremely common in both commercial and domestic environments. So, in terms of an industrial situation it is essential! Keeping employees and clients safer, CCTV benefits the running of a company and acts as a deterrent from crime! Offering an industrial electrical company service, our electricians are more than experienced in dealing with the specific requests of clients! Anything the project needs we will accommodate.

If you are interested in the industrial electrical work we do, contact us!

Steven Maclaren is an electrical expert and has been for the last 10 years, his company Maclaren Electrical Services has worked incredibly hard to build their reputation in the electrical industry. Steven strives to develop and evolve to ensure that he can do the best for the team, the community and the environment.