27th November 2017

Keep Your Workplace Safe This Christmas With an Electrical Inspection

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Are you worried about your workplaces’ Christmas electrical safety? An electrical inspection from MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd will ensure that your industrial or commercial environment is safe at this time of year.

During the colder months, businesses tend to use more heating. Also, with Christmas comes the fire hazard of electrical decorations and trees! Ensure that your workplace is ready for the festive season. MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd has been helping a range of companies solve electrical problems for a number of years! We know how Christmas electrical safety can be a concern.

What is an Electrical Inspection?

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An electrical inspection is vital.

An industrial or commercial electrical inspection involves tests and examinations of electrical circuits, fittings, appliances and installations. Looking into any areas that may be particularly unsafe, defective or risky. An electrician, Glasgow based, is highly trained and has lots of experience in identifying potentially dangerous electrical installations.

Why have an Electrical Inspection?

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An electrical inspection will make sure your sockets and plugs are working safely.

The more typical reasons for having an electrical inspection would be because you have recently moved work premises, or you are buying/selling your work property. However, having an inspection at this time of year would be incredibly worthwhile. Not only because it would ensure you of Christmas workplace safety, but it would get it out of the way for the beginning of the New Year!

How Often Should Inspections Be?


Could this month be the month for your regular electrical inspection?

It is recommended by the IEE that commercial businesses should be inspected at least once every 5 years. Also, it is advised that industrial environments should have an inspection at least one every 3 years and for offices/shops etc., you should try and book an inspection once every 5 years. This is the minimum amount of time you should wait! If you feel like you need another inspection or want them more regularly, this is not a problem.

Christmas Electrical Safety with MES

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Keep your workplace safe at this time of year!

At this time of year, it is important to be cautious when it comes to electrical safety. In an environment like a shop or an office, you may not think about safety as much as an industrial business. However, make sure you keep any trees in an appropriate area, without exposes electrical appliances surrounding it. Also, electrical decorations should be tested to make sure that they are working well and safely! An electrician from MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd will be able to provide a full inspection, no matter the size of your business.

Here at MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd, we like to make sure that our customers are kept up to date with the latest in electrical news and advice. Look at our last post to learn more about why it is important to hire an industrial electrician.

Are you worried about the Christmas electrical safety of your business? For a thorough electrical inspection, contact us today!

Steven Maclaren is an electrical expert and has been for the last 10 years, his company Maclaren Electrical Services has worked incredibly hard to build their reputation in the electrical industry. Steven strives to develop and evolve to ensure that he can do the best for the team, the community and the environment.