25th January 2017

What Can an Electrical Contractor Do For you?

Rewire contractor from MES Ltd.

What can an electrician do for you? An electrical contractor from Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd can help you with our commercial and domestic electricians.

Rewiring Your Home

domestic electricians

Domestic electricians from MES is happy to help with everything from a small light installation to a full property rewire.

If your home is old or you are carrying out alterations it is worthwhile to consider rewiring your home. It is a dangerous risk should your home have faulty electrics, which could result in unfortunate circumstances. Domestic electricians from MES can help you with this process. We will make sure that your home is completely safe, with no risks. The process begins with the basics of installing new cabling, sockets etc. Ending up to ensure that electrics in wet areas meet legal standards. As well as being simple, it is a hassle free service we provide.

PAT Testing

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Safety of small appliances is just as important as the safety of large appliances to an MES domestic electrician.

If you are in a business environment commercial electrician from Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd can provide a cost effective PAT test. A portable appliance testing is valid for up to a year and this means those portable appliances are safe to use in the working environment for a year. By law, businesses landlords, public services providers etc. are required to ensure that any electrical equipment is safe to use. Also, because your employee and tenant safety is so crucial, multiple legal acts are in place to ensure that these tests are carried out. For more advice for businesses check out our last post.

Security Lighting Installation

domestic electricians

Ask domestic electricians from Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd how they can help improve your safety and security.

Security lighting is often most associated with businesses. However, in a home environment it can do a lot of good. Security lighting will help with preventing intrusions and other activities around your property. Also, it will then deter any possible future intrusions and acts as a safety tool for coming home late at night. Also, an experienced commercial electrician can fit lighting that you and your family can rely on and is secure to the building. Coming back to maintain the lighting or any other fix any other electrical problems your home may have. As well as happiness, Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd, we want to make sure customers are safe, not stressing about their security.

Commercial and Domestic Electricians – MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd.

If you would like any services carried out by commercial or domestic electricians from Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd, contact us.

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