28th November 2017

How to Get Your Business Ready for the New Year

Looking forward to next year? Think about how to reach your businesses’ full potential with the help of an electrician, Glasgow based. This is the ideal time to make electrical improvements, ensure electrical workplace safety and have a fresh start in 2018.

MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd can guarantee your business, whether it is commercial or industrial, be off to a great start in the new year. Our team of well qualified and trusted electricians will make any repairs you have been meaning to sort, carry out any tests that need to happen and make sure your workplace is prepared! Are you having a complete business overhaul for the new year? MES can help rejuvenate and refresh your business with long lasting, efficient and stylish electrical fittings.

LED Lighting

led lighting new year

LED lighting can give your office a whole different style and feel, perfect for the new year.

One of the best ways to refresh your workplace is sometimes down to lighting. Lighting can give your working environment a whole different feel! Choosing to install LED lighting, you can choose from a range of options in terms of colour and style of light. LED not only lasts longer than incandescent lighting, it is much better for the environment! Starting your 2018 off as a greener company.

Access Control Systems

Electrical workplace safety building security

Electrical safety and building security is vital for the new year.

Another way you can prepare your business for the upcoming year is to improve your access system. Is it too easy/hard to gain access to your workplace building? Think about changing it up. The team from MES will be able to install card readers, keypads, fingerprint readers or any type of system you might need. Not only does electrical workplace safety matter, it is also important that you keep your office or industrial premises secure. If you are concerned about keepig your workplace safe this Christmas, look at our last post. Give your business ultimate security and install a simple access control system!

Energy Management

energy managment

Our electricians can help your business become greener!

A new year is the perfect time to think of making your business more energy conscious. MES can help your company save energy – by monitoring and controlling energy use. Every business should be concerned with making greener choices. In today’s society large businesses are the biggest polluters and so, having an energy management policy is essential. We will help your company to keep tabs on energy consumption readings, track any progress made and will keep working to find ways of reducing energy usage. By simply becoming more energy conscious, your business will save more money in 2018.

Electrical Workplace Safety with MES

Here at MacLaren Electrical Services we know that your electrical workplace safety is of the utmost importance.

Prepare your business for the New Year and find out more about how we can help today!

Steven Maclaren is an electrical expert and has been for the last 10 years, his company Maclaren Electrical Services has worked incredibly hard to build their reputation in the electrical industry. Steven strives to develop and evolve to ensure that he can do the best for the team, the community and the environment.