3rd July 2017

4 Benefits of Using LED Lighting for Businesses

Looking for a way of saving your business money? Switching to LED lighting is a great idea! There are many benefits in installing LED lighting for businesses- from financial savings, to increased energy efficiency!

Our experienced Glasgow electricians guarantee that your business lighting needs will be met by installing LEDs! The service our electricians provide is organised, accurate and if you have any questions, one of our team will be happy to answer.

Energy Efficient

LED bulb incandescent bulb

There are such big differences between incandescent and LED lighting.

At MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd, we understand that a business thrives on efficiency. This is why we recommend switching over to LED lighting. LED bulbs typically use around 25% less energy than a normal incandescent bulb. Which not only saves you money, but at the same time, LED bulbs last up to 25 times longer than an alternative bulb. Overall, saving your business’ money on bills and future maintenance. When it comes to efficiency LED lighting for businesses, is the best way to go!


led lighting for businesses are very versatile

There are so many uses for business uses for LED lighting.

Another benefit of using LED lighting for your business is the fact that LED lighting has many uses. No matter what type of company you have, you’ll understand that lighting is important for safety, security and productivity. For example, a showroom for a designer furniture company will need a specific form of lighting, it’s not just a matter of switching a light on or off! You can use LED lighting inside or outdoors and there are many different colour variations. Also, due to the low temperature emissions, LED bulbs are safer for many different uses!

“It doesn’t matter whether the existing lighting is incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide or sodium. When improving lighting energy performance LED sources have become the number one efficiency recommendation.”

Carbon Trust

Environmentally Friendly

eco friendly

Prioritising being a sustainable business is very important.

Also, LED lighting is great for the environment! As a business, it is important that you consider how you operate in terms of sustainability. You may think this just includes using less paper or recycling more but switching your workplace lighting is also helpful to the environment!  As they use up to 25% less energy than original light bulbs, your businesses’ carbon footprint will be reduced considerably. One of our experienced electricians will be happy to install LED lighting for you, or answer any questions you may have!

The Future is LED

LED lighting London

LED lighting is everywhere and that’s not changing!

The many benefits that LED lighting have means that in the future, even more LED lighting advances will be made! Businesses are always encouraged to be foreword thinking and embrace new changes. This is why there are funding schemes for small and medium sized businesses to put energy efficient products into practice. Showing just how important the use of LED lighting for businesses is!

LED Lighting for Businesses

If your business is based from a warehouse or if you use one, look at our last post to learn about the advantages for installing LED lighting.

Are you interested in having LED lighting installed? Or if you have any other queries about our other services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Steven Maclaren is an electrical expert and has been for the last 10 years, his company Maclaren Electrical Services has worked incredibly hard to build their reputation in the electrical industry. Steven strives to develop and evolve to ensure that he can do the best for the team, the community and the environment.