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25th April 2016

Common Electrical Problems You Should Report To Your Electrician Service

common electrical problems.

Electrician Service, Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd, on common electrical problems within your property.

Are you worried about common electrical problems? Electricity is so prevalent and we rely on it so much in our lives but only when we’re having issues do we realise just how much we rely on electricity.

It’s vital to understand the common electrical problems within your home so that you can identify issues and resolve them as soon as possible and report them to your local electrician service.

Problematic lighting

When your lights are clear and bright, your electrical supply is suffering from no immediate problems. However, when your lights begin to suffer from flickering on and off or struggling to turn on immediately, something is wrong.

More often than not, the fault is with the lightbulb itself. If the bulb is too loose, tightening will solve the trouble. If you have a defective bulb, take it back to the retailer you purchased it from and you should be able to get a replacement.

If the light still flickers, even with a brand new bulb, get in touch with a local electrician service to inspect the fixture itself.

Reccuring power surges

When lightening strikes or an increase in electricity occurs, your property may experience a power surge. Too much electrical current running through your property can lead to an overload which eventually leads to a power outage.

These surges irritate property owners as they’re left helpless to bring power back. You can prevent these occuring in your property with surge protectors.

Faulty or redundant wiring

It’s unlikely that you’ll know how many wires run behind your walls or above your ceiling. These wires act as vessels transporting electrical currents throughout your property but sometimes, unneeded or old wires run alongside newer ones.

The potential for an electrical fire or shock is created when such wires crowd the interior of your walls. If your property is older or if you suspect that you may have faulty wires, the safest and best course of action is to receive help from a trained, qualified electrician service.

Hot light fixtures

A healthy, well-lit bulb is warm to the touch but when you feel that a light fixture is too hot or is even smoking, your property is in imminent danger. Super-heated lights may not have adequate installation or may surpass the wattage limit.

Burnt-out bulbs, overheating or even electrical fires occur if this problem goes unrepaired. To cool down your fixture, turn it off then replace with an energy-efficient alternative such as a fluroescent light. If excessive heat still radiates from the fixture, get in touch with an electrician.

Circuit overload

Similar to power surges, circuit overloads can lead to electrical overuse and burnt-out lights or other plugged in electronics. However, unlike power surges, you can control the amount of electricity you use.

Ensure that you don’t plug too many items into one single outlet. If you need multiple electrical devices or appliances turned on in one room, use a power strip. Don’t overcrowd any outlet or strip.

Always remember to turn off or even unplug devices like TV’s or computers when not in use.

Misused extension cords

Sometimes you’ll find that your appliances or products cannot reach the nearest electrical outlet. With an extension cord, you can bridge that gap. However, many people don’t realise that extension cords are not supposed to be used as permanent electrical solutions.

To avoid this happening to you, install or set up your electronics as close to an outlet or power strip. You can even ask an electrician to create a new outlet if you feel you’ll need to rely on an extension cord for long periods of time!

Ungrounded wiring

Have you ever considered what happens to your property if lightning strikes? Safe properties have grounded wires meaning that a sudden surge of electricity will run towards the ground and not out from your outlets.

If your wiring is not grounded, your face more risk of electrical shock and broken appliances. Unless you’re experienced in installing and relaying electric wires, get in touch with a local electrician to ensure your wires are safely grounded.

Broken or faulty circuit breaker

Your circuit breaker controls the electricity that runs in all the rooms of your house. If overloaded, it trips, or shuts down the electrical current, in your property. A breaker trip can save you from wire damage and other electrical ills.

Your circuit breaker controls the electricity that runs in all the rooms of your property. If overloaded, it trips or shuts down the electrical current in your property. A breaker trip can save you from wire damage and various other electrical ills.

When your breaker trips when it shouldn’t, you should take a good look at it. Make sure it’s unplugged and then check for dust, scratches or other surface damages. If you can’t see any but the problem persists, trust an electrician to repair your circuit breaker.

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