4th January 2018

How to Choose a Commercial Electrician for 2018

Looking for a new electrician? Now that the new year is upon us, this is the time to finally find a trusted electrician perfect for your business. Some companies just go with the nearest electrical company. However, if you follow our tips, you will see why branching out to find quality service, is the best idea.

After working in the electrical industry for over 10 years, the team at MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd have developed a reputation for our exceptional service. We strive to give the people we work for the best, while being environmentally conscious at the same time. After all our experiences, we know what it takes to meet the needs and go beyond!

Ask for Quotes

Ask for quotes from different companies!

The deciding factor when choosing a new electrician Glasgow based, is often which one is the cheapest. However, the cheapest might not always be the best option. Gathering multiple quotes for the same electrical work, will allow you to see how each option would break down costs and make it easier to compare one another.

Any Recommendations?

trusted electrician recommendation

Look online and to those around you for recommendations!

The most common way for businesses to find a trusted electrician is going by recommendations from those around them and online. Following the advice of someone you value the opinion of, you are more likely to then like the electrician. Also, this way you can see the work they have carried out. However, at MES we would recommend to look beyond those around you. Look to the internet to search for electricians who specialise in specific services or have vast experience by working in the industry for a number of years!

Communication is Important


Make sure they are keeping in contact with you, throughout the project.

A valuable part of any business is communication, especially in a service based industry. Have you had to wait a long time for a quote, after a consultation? Do you have to chase them for a reply? This is a waste of your time! At MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd, your time is valued. We make it a priority to constantly keeping you in communication from the very beginning to the end of the project. For commercial and industrial businesses, we know that some electrical repairs will be an emergency and need instant action. Consider how your electrician are communicating, before committing them to the service. Also, take notice of their manner. Attitude and appearance might be an indicator as to how they conduct their work!

Can They Provide References?

electrician references

Ask for references!

Another tip we would advise when seeking out a new, trusted electrician, is to ask for references. To ask for something like that will only ensure the company you are using are of a good standard and appropriately qualified. Many companies will have online testimonials, but go beyond that! To prove credibility, it is sometimes necessary for a company provide references.

Previous Experience and Qualifications

electrical experience and qualifications

Make sure the company you choose has appropriate qualifications!

Electricians can vary. Some will have additional qualifications or areas of expertise, whereas others will have concentrated on working on general electrical work. Take note of what they do and if they have been trained in one specific area. At MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd, for example, we only carry out industrial and commercial electrical work. We provide a range of services to lots of different businesses! So, make sure that the electrician you hire has the right qualifications or experiences for the job.

A Trusted Electrician from MacLaren Electrical Services Ltd

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Steven Maclaren is an electrical expert and has been for the last 10 years, his company Maclaren Electrical Services has worked incredibly hard to build their reputation in the electrical industry. Steven strives to develop and evolve to ensure that he can do the best for the team, the community and the environment.