7th February 2017

5 Common Electrical Problems That Require an Electrician

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It is a regular occurrence that you may have electrical problems which will require an electrician. An electrical contractor from Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd will be able to help you to solve anything you seem to be having trouble with.

Do Your Lights Flicker?

Light fittings that need attention from an electrician

Flickering lights sometimes need the attention of an experienced Electrician to ensure they are safe.

Flickering lights are often a result of there being issues within the electrical grid that provides your home with electricity. But if they are continuously flickering and if you have tried changing the lightbulb, the problem may be down wiring or a faulty fixture. These electrical problems will need the attention of an electrician. It is very unsafe if you attempt to solve these yourself! Providing an electrician from MES with all the information about the problem you have, we will be able to diagnose the problem and provide you with the right service and solution.

Electricity Bills out of Control?

An Electrician can reduce your energy bills

An Electrician can offer energy saving advice which can save you money.

It is worthwhile to take into consideration everything when looking at your electricity bill. Rising rates are often the cause of rising bills, but when the usage of your electricity increases along with rates, you should try and take action! An electrician is not only there for services but also advice. So, an electrician from Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd can help you to assess how energy efficient your home is and recommend some upgrades or replacements to save you money.

Exposed Wires?

An Electrician is needed to repair exposed wires

Electricians from Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd can ensure your wiring is safe

Making home improvements and renovations can often lead to unsafe electricals. Exposed wires for example present a great fire hazard and the effects can seriously damage your home if left unprotected or resolved. Also, these wires are hazards in day to day life for your pets or young children. It is best to take action about this straight away! An electrician will be able to do this for you without any risks being present.

Do Plugs Keep Falling out of their Sockets?

When you notice any plugs are falling out of the same socket repeatedly, you should contact an electrician. Within a socket contains contacts that cling to the prongs on the plug ensuing a secure connection. Falling from the wall could indicate that these contacts are loose or worn, which could result in an arc. And so igniting a fire! To be safe contact an electrician if you see this happening.

Problems with Light Switches?

electrical problems

Repairs to difficult light switches are no problem for our expert Electricians

When one of the switches on a three-way switch is damaged, the other will continue to work. This is due to the fact that the system includes one fixture to be controlled by two switches. Replacing one can be difficult, and so it will require the attention of an experienced electrician. For more advice on how to solve common electrical problems check out our last post.

MES can Solve Your Electrical Problems

If you have any electrical problems or would like to enquire about any services we offer at Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd, get in touch.

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