10th July 2017

Why Should You Install Industrial LED Lighting

There are so many benefits to switching to industrial LED lighting! Thinking of changing over? LED lighting is long lasting, efficient, quality and safer. A way of transforming a work space, factory or warehouse, LED lighting will give your company a new vibrancy!

For Glasgow electricians at Maclaren Electrical Services Ltd, industrial projects are an area of expertise! With such a quality service offered by a team with years of experience, switching over to LED lighting on an industrial scale is – for our electricians – no problem!

Long Lasting

led lights on

Installing industrial LED lighting is very cost effective and long lasting.

On an industrial scale, LED lighting is an ideal solution for work space improvements. One of the reasons being, industrial LED lighting is much more long lasting! Lasting up to 100,000 hours, LED lighting is, at least, 50% more efficient than alternative lighting. Also, LED lighting requires much less maintenance and repair, making the lighting method much more cost effective.

Energy Efficient

incandescent bulb

LED lighting is much more energy efficient than an alternative lighting method.

Why else should you install industrial LED lighting? Because LED lights are much more energy efficient. Using less energy which then leads to a decreased and more controlled amount of energy costs. As a result of this LED lighting is extremely beneficial for large scale areas.


installing industrial led lighting

A quality LED installation carried out by MES.

LED lighting is quality. You can trust this method of lighting to have the same colour, temperature and perception. In a workplace like a warehouse for example, this is very valuable for employees to thrive and remain concentrated on work. Another lighting method which is not as reliable as LED lighting may affect the moods and productivity of your employees!

“By replacing incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting with LEDs, you can reduce lighting energy consumption by 50%.

As well as their incredible efficiency, other benefits of LEDs include durability, controllability, compact sizes, lower operating temperatures and no damaging UV.”

Scottish Power


warehouse with LED lighting

A much safer method, LED is a great lighting alternative.


Finally, industrial LED lighting is great for health and safety! LEDs lower the risk of fire and, with help from an MES electrician, the installation will be safe, correct and without risk of hazards.

Examples of Industrial LED Lighting

london landscape

Many cities are lit up with LED lights.


One of the most obvious places where LED lighting is used is in warehouses, factories, storage units. Large scale areas in need of cost effective lighting. Cities use LED lighting for their buildings, street lights and garages! The fact that colour filters can used with the LED lighting means that, city councils are attracted to the aesthetic the lighting can create.

Also, interested in if your warehouse should have LED lighting? Look at our last post to find out more.

If you think that your company is in need of industrial LED lighting, contact us.

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