26th June 2017

4 Advantages of having LED Lighting for Warehouses

Is LED lighting for warehouses? LED lighting is a key installation for a warehouse or an environment similar to it. Considering the benefits of LED lighting for warehouses, such as energy efficiency and cost of running, LED lighting installation is an essential!

With the help of one of our Glasgow electricians, your LED lighting installation will be carried out in the correct way. Our team have several years of experience and are well qualified when it comes to carrying out electrical projects, no matter the size.

Energy Saving

led bulb

LED bulbs are much more energy efficient.

It goes without saying that LED lighting is more energy efficient than other types! LED lighting uses less power than other styles. Some large scale workplaces have been known to save as much as 80% on electricity bills. This compared to other lighting fixtures is incredibly beneficial!

Long Lasting

cabinet LED lighting for warehouses

Using LED lighting for facilities is a great way to ensure long lasting light.

Also LED lighting lasts longer. Lasting up to 10 times longer than other lighting types LED lighting doesn’t even emit any heat! Which is not only safer but also saves money on cooling costs. LED lighting for warehouses in this case can save you even more money and ensure that your property is safer, with no risk of overheating.

We guarantee that our service is the best and catered for your specific situation.

“Thank you for so promptly and efficiently and pleasantly arranging for my LED ceiling lights to be installed.

Many Thanks” – Margret Mekes

Durable & Better Aesthetic

LED panelling looks good in many environments.

Another advantage of LED lights is that they are durable! They don’t brake easily at all. Using LED lighting is also much more aesthetically pleasing. Turn on a LED and the light will come instantly compared with another form which flickers for a while!


colours of leds

LEDs can come in different colours!

LED lighting distributes better than other forms! Many claim there to be a significant increase in light uniformity with LED lighting compared to others. Ideal for a warehouse for both visibility and health and safety reasons!

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